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Does your business need fresh milk delivery Melbourne? If the answer to this question is yes, then Mooven Milk can deliver!

Fresh milk delivery

Mooven Milk is a family run business that is big enough to effortlessly provide a fresh milk delivery service to greater Melbourne, yet small enough to value good, old fashioned customer service. For over three generations, Mooven Milk has been supplying Melbourne businesses with farm fresh milk delivered direct to their door. In this time, we have built ourselves an honoured reputation for reliable fresh milk delivery in Melbourne.  Our fresh milk delivery team’s first passion is farm fresh Australian products. Their second passion is making sure each and every customer gets delivered the freshest and coldest milk. Our special refrigerated trucks deliver our products fresh and cold. So fresh, it’s as if you milked the cow with your own two hands or grew the soybeans yourself!

Having fresh milk regularly delivered to your workplace takes the hassle out of keeping an eye on milk supplies. There is nothing worse than not having the correct barista style milk for your customers coffee. It’s just as frustrating when staff supplies run out or worse, are out of date when someone needs a cuppa!

Mooven Milk stock milk from a large number of Australian fresh, long life milk and alternative milk suppliers. Brands such as Riverina Fresh, Milk Lab, Almond Milk Co Melbourne, and Vitasoy, which are all Australian owned and use only Australian cows, almonds, rice, coconuts, oats and soybeans! We also stock the extremely popular internationals Bonsoy and Happy Happy Soy Boy.

Workplace milk delivery

To cater for the large volumes of milk supplies that cafes and restaurants require, Mooven Milk has milk available in 2L, 10L or 1L bulk quantities. In addition to fresh milk, we also deliver to businesses across Melbourne, fresh bread, eggs, delicious seasonal fruit and other workplace essentials. Our fruit boxes are packed daily with fresh fruit from the Melbourne Fruit Markets. They are designed to offer your customers and staff the very best in seasonal fruit. Why not try one today! Our fruit boxes are available in 25 and 55 piece as well as small and large sized corporate boxes.

If you would like the friendly Mooven Milk team to supply your business with fresh milk delivery Melbourne, get in touch! You can:

and we’ll provide you with information about our products, deliveries and a quote based on your business’ requirements. The team at Mooven Milk look forward to providing your business with fresh milk delivery Melbourne!


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