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Mooven Milk are the preferred office milk suppliers of Melbourne. We are a proud Aussie family owned and operated milk delivery business based in Melbourne's bayside suburb of Mordialloc.

Melbournians are known for their love of coffee. In fact, we are one of the top coffee consuming populations in the world.  As a result, we also consume a lot of milk!

Having been in operation for over 10 years, we have learnt what our clients want from a milk supplier. In addition, we know what is best practice in our service based industry.

We are privileged in that our youngest generation of milk suppliers are tremendously passionate about delivering an outstanding service to our customers and continue to evolve and grow our service as the market dictates.

Coldest and freshest

To ensure fresh milk stays fresher for longer our milk is stored, handled and delivered at a controlled temperature range of 0 - 4°C. Our state of the art refrigerated trucks keep your milk supplies and perishables chilled and safe for consumption.

We have 10 delivery trucks with 10-15 staff out on the road, all committed to ensuring each and every customer is delivered the freshest and coldest milk. As a milk supplier, we follow The Australian Cold Chain Guidelines for Food, which provide the industry consensus on best practice for the distribution of chilled foods.

Office essentials

In response to our ever evolving market, we have broadened our milk delivery offering. In addition to milk we also stock bread, juice, yoghurt, butter, cheese, eggs and fruit packs. No more having to leave the office to purchase fresh milk and other essentials from a variety of stores. Just imagine, all the basics delivered by the one milk supplier, on time, every time, straight to your workplace.

We are 100% Australian owned and operated and deliver superb Australian and international products.

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